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Semi-Truck Detailing

Trinity Truck Repair & Tires offers truck detailing options that are fully customized to your needs. They range from thorough interior and exterior car shampoo and protection, to professional buffing and polishing from an experienced team of detailing experts. Dirt, dust and everyday wear and tear eventually take their toll on your tractors, trailers, or semi-trucks and eventually diminish its value and appearance. We invite you to protect your investments by visiting our detailing facility for any of the following services.

Customizable Truck Polishing and Detailing Packages

Our full-service semi-truck detailing package is like giving your commercial vehicle a complete makeover. Everything from the vents, cup holders, upholstery, and leather are thoroughly cleaned, polished and protected by our auto detailing team. All exterior components are covered as well.

Interior upholstery is shampooed and conditioned; leather and vinyl are treated using safe and effective specialty products and the exterior of your truck is professionally buffed to its original factory shine. Ask about other trucking options, including undercarriage cleaning and engine shampoos.

Standard Truck Cleaning, Polishing, and Detailing Services

  • Hand car washing and drying
  • Interior detailing
  • Fabric protection and leather conditioning
  • Vacuuming, dusting, window, and mirror polishing
  • Spot shampoos
  • Protection for semi-truck upholstery, carpets, and mats
  • Specialty paint shield protection
  • Headlight restoration

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Truck Interior Shampoo

Our basic and deluxe shampoo packages for customers include:

  • Individual Services: for seat and upholstery only
  • Combination Packages: for cleaning carpets, mats, windows and glass to perfection

Deluxe Semi-Truck Interior Detailing

Trinity Truck Repair & Tires offers superior detailing that pays special attention to all interior surfaces to leave your vehicle looking and smelling fresh.

Interior Detailing Packages Include:

  • High powered vacuuming to eliminate dust, and all embedded dirt. Deep cleaning of tough stains and all interior cab areas using a hot water extraction process that eliminates all bacteria and odors.
  • Cleaning of all leather and vinyl trims, dashboard and instrument panel.

In addition to stains from food, drink, and everyday wear truck upholstery loses its protective finish from constant exposure to the sun’s rays. Protect the fabric and carpeting of your semi-truck with specialty coatings that offer long-term protection.

Leather Interior Cleaning

Your truck’s leather upholstery requires specialized care and should be handled by experts only, to retain value and for exceptional results. We use a leather treatment process that restores softness, enhances and protects against sun and heat.

Truck Paint Protection

Our truck detailing team buff and polish your vehicle to remove and minimize scuffs, increase protection and restore a showroom appearance. Bird droppings, salt, acid rain, and other contaminants can become embedded in the paint and eventually cause bubbling and rust. Our paint protection treatments are much more powerful and effective than any over the counter product. Our treatments also create a solid protective barrier that guards against aging, oxidation, and extreme weather conditions.

Trinity Truck Repair & Tires’s Semi-Truck Detailing Guarantee

We are committed to offering truck companies efficient truck detailing solutions that include superior products and experienced workmanship to preserve the value and lifespan of your vehicle.

Whether you need just one semi-truck detailed, or require services for your entire fleet, our business is the one to serve yours!

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