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Selling New Tires

Revolutionize your drive and discover unmatched performance with our new tires. Whether your semi-truck needs an unrivaled grip on rough terrain, enhanced fuel efficiency, or the ultimate tread longevity, Trinity Truck Repair & Tires carries your perfect match. We only carry tires engineered for excellence-;all priced affordably.

Browse our inventory today and transform every journey into a safe adventure. Call (214) 436-0003 for a product quote.

Shop Our Many Tire Brands

Looking for quality tires? Look no further! Our extensive selection boasts top-tier brands that guarantee safety and performance on the road. Check out some of the trusted names we carry:

  • Firestone
  • Bridgestone
  • Yokohama
  • ...and more!

Discover these and many more renowned brands in our tire inventory to find the perfect fit for your truck's needs.

All-Season Tires

Engineered for year-round performance, our all-season tires offer the versatility and reliability you need for smooth rides in any weather condition. With exceptional traction, durability, and a design crafted for various road surfaces, these tires ensure a consistent driving experience, rain or shine.

Winter Tires

Our winter tires are expertly designed to tackle snow, ice, and cold temperatures, providing superior grip and handling when you need it most. Engineered with specialized treads and materials, these tires ensure stability and confidence on icy roads, making your winter journeys safer and more secure.

High-Performance Tires

Semi-trucks favor high-performance tires for their reliability under heavy loads and long distances. We carry high-performance tires that offer enhanced durability and superior traction, crucial for optimizing fuel efficiency and reducing downtime. Our tire products are recognized for their safety and cost-effectiveness for trucking fleets, making them the go-to choice for professionals seeking longevity on the road.

Would you like to learn more about our wide inventory selection or have questions about a specific brand? Give us a call to get the answers you need to make an informed decision.

Affordable Tires for All Budgets

With a range of tires tailored to suit every budget, we help you put on reliable, top-notch tires without breaking the bank. Rest assured that our commitment to competitive pricing doesn't compromise on the caliber of our products. From budget-friendly options that ensure safety without sacrificing performance to premium selections offering durability and reliability, we've got your wheels covered.

Why Your Truck Needs the Best Tires

Here's why investing in top-quality tires is crucial for your semi-truck:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Fuel and mileage efficiency
  • Enhanced durability
  • Top performance
  • Regulatory compliance

Choosing the best tires isn't just about an upgrade-;it's an investment in safety, efficiency, and the overall performance of your truck. Look to Trinity Truck Repair & Tires to purchase your next set of wheels.

Trinity Truck Repair & Tires: Drivers' Top Choice for New Tires

Upgrade your truck's performance and safety today with our premium selection of high-quality tires. Contact us now to find the perfect fit for your semi-truck and experience the difference top-tier tires can make on the road.

Drive with confidence-;invest in the best for your truck's journey ahead by calling (214) 436-0003.

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